How treat an infected tattoo


Today is not of wonder that any person wear a tattoo. Already from the adolescence it has become in a rite of make one in any part of the body to commemorate any important event or simply because they are beautiful and attractive. In the past, tattoos had a series of very specific connotations. As at the time and place, they could be related to religious rites either be a mark of identification for the outlaws. There are archaeological remains that show that its application dates back to ancient periods. In Peru there are evidence of its existence for more than 60,000 years. One of the most curious fact about tattoos, is that they have developed in all kinds of cultures since immemorial times. Its uses as an aesthetic way it is also recorded for a long time, and today is precisely the most interested use.

How treat an infected tattoo

How should I respond to an infected tattoo?

If you’re an unconditional lover of tattoos, you could have occasion where you find with a slight problem: that your tattoo is infected. In that case, don’t be nervous, and keep your patience. The first that should do id to ensure if it is or not infected, it is visiting to your tattooist and be out of doubts as soon as possible. The tattooists are used to see infections of this type and they know to take you out of doubts. If he actually confirms you that it has infected, the next step is to go to your doctor who will prescribe you medication that lower inflammation and will indicate you the treatment that you have to follow to heal the skin that has been affected. It has not have to go to worst or suppose a problem, but you should not leave it for later or wait for it to cure only.

How treat an infected tattoo

As it is normal that they will take some time to give you an appointment to see your doctor, you can carry out the following steps to keep the infection from getting worse, decreasing pain and lower the swelling. If you want to know how you have to treat an infected tattoo read the following post and find out how to do it. Let’s begin!

Instructions for How treat an infected tattoo

  1. Keep the infected area as clean as possible. Wash it with antibacterial soap and dry with a cotton towel, if it is possible, disposable ones or that you do not share with anyone or use for another part of the body.
  2. Try to avoid contact with the water on the affected skin. Infections of this type do not tolerate well to be in contact with water and this can worsen the appearance of your skin, and your swelling. Avoid wet it when you bathing and keep it as dry as possible all the time.
  3. Let the area breathe. Keep the skin discovered to not be rot or get worse. If it is located in an area of the body something delicate and you cannot let it be discovered, for example, groin or back, it is best you tapes it to avoid that it frictions with tissues and inflammation and redness of the skin increase. We recommend that you to use a sterilized gauze (i.e., that have been previously unopened) and cover it with her. As soon as you arrive to your house and can discover the wound, do it, so the skin won’t soften because of the sweat and could breathe freely.
  4. Once you’ve contacted your doctor, the most normal thing is that he prescribes you some kind of antibiotic to get rid of inflammation and possible pain. Consume it regularly that you were marked and don’t forget to take. Although you notice that your skin isalready well and not notice the symptoms of the infection, as its can be redness, pain, pus or inflammation, do not interrupt the treatment. You must do it from the beginning to the end to avoid relapses and that the skin back to worsen.
  5. Use topical creams if the doctor sends them to you. It is possible, if the infection is not very aggressive, that your doctor sends to you some sort of ointment to stop the infection and combat inflammation and pain. As soon as you start to apply it surely you will notice a little itchy. Don’t worry, it is normal and means that it starts to heal. The same that in the case of the antibiotics by via oral of which have already spoken in the point above, not interrupt the treatment if you notice recovered. It is important that you use it to the end to avoid possible relapses that make your skin worse.

Tips for How treat an infected tattoo

Last-minute tips to know if your tattoo is infected.

It is quite simple to find out if we have an infected tattoo. The clearers signs are pain in the affected area, shiny skin, something purple with bubbles, redness around the tattoo or a possible smell as rotten that emerges from it. If you want to know more clearly what are the symptoms, we recommend the following post on our website. It will be very useful for find itout.

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