How use a thermometer


The thermometer is used to know the temperature of our body. All people think that Galileo Galilei is the father of this invention because he invented the thermoscope, an object very similar to the thermometer. But, it will be Gabriel Fahrenheit, in 1714, who finally invented the Mercury thermometer.

The first thermometers were based on the expansion phenomenon. Some metals suffer this phenomenon when heat is applied on them. For this, the first thermometers were made with metals climbing its temperature with little heat. This is the reason that the first thermometers are made with a base of mercury enclosed in a glass tube with a metric scale.

The system has gone evolving until the creation of digital thermometers over the past years. In fact, the digital thermometers are the models that is find in those hospitals and health centers of all the world.

It is very difficult to find mercury thermometers, because its manufacture was prohibited since 2007. This prohibition is not common in all countries. For example in Latin America is still common to find mercury thermometers in home of the people, although medical centers already have digital thermometers.thermometer

Are the thermometers equal around the world?

They are very similar. For example, practically in any place the degrees Celsius is used as unit of measure, although there is some thermometers that uses other scales, as degrees Fahrenheit or the temperature Kelvin.

There are many different varieties. In this post we will talk about the digital and mercury thermometers, which are commonly used to measure the body temperature, a foolproof method for detecting fever or hypothermia. If you want to know how to use this, you can read the next post.

What do you need for How use a thermometer?

We are going to need

  • A digital or Mercury thermometer
  • Around 5 minutes

Instructions for How use a thermometer

To use a Mercury Thermometer


  1. Firstly you should disinfect it correctly. To do this, you should wash the thermometer with alcohol, the same that you use to make the cures. You can use a cotton disc or a gauze. You must clean the part of the thermometer that is going to be in contact with our body. The best, is that you repeat this action before and after of each use.
  2. Once the thermometer is disinfected, hold it with firmness by the part that is not going to enter in contact with our body. Repeat this, several times, to get the mercury back to its site. To make it, you can think that you are drying the tip of a brush, because this is very similar.
  3. Now we have to take the temperature. You can place the part of the bulb in the armpit, under the tongue or in rectum.
  4. If you want to measure, for example, your basal temperature, you can do it inserting the bulb into the vagina (Although you can also measure it, if you put the thermometer under the tongue). You put the thermometer there around five minutes, so this reacts and climb or lower the temperature.

To use a Digital Thermometer

  1. The first, we have clean it before and after each use. Follow step 1 of the Mercury thermometer to know how to do it. Be careful not to spill water in the area where the batteries are.
  2. The next step is turn on the thermometer and then, make sure that there is not previous reading.
  3. With the digital thermometer, we take the temperature in the same sites as mercury thermometers: armpit, under the tongue, rectum or vagina. The difference is that these thermometers whistle when they have finished measuring the temperature.
  4. When you finished to use it, you disinfected it and save it back into its sheath.

Tips for How use a thermometer

Some information about the temperature

  • The temperature of the body is 36.5 °. If you have 37 degrees it is considered fever, and you need to go to the emergency room when it amounts to the 39 degrees. You can try to lower the temperature at home using wet clothes that you have to put on the face, armpits or feet. Also you can take a shower tempered. You can’t cover yourself with a blanket although you have cold because it is one of the symptoms of the fever. As the body is above its temperature, feels cold. If we cover ourselves what we will get is increase the temperature and increase the fever.How use a thermometer
  • If your temperature is below 36 degrees, you have a hypothermia. In these cases the best is that you go to the doctor. You can try to increase the temperature applying heat.How use a thermometer
  • Although these measures are standard, you don’t have to be strict with them. The temperature and its variation is associated with many things, as for example, if you don’t move or if you are doing exercise. In addition, the people can have their own ideal temperature and it can differ of which here explained.

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