How to unplug ears


One of the most uncomfortable feelings is to can’t hear, feel discomfort, itcing and buzzing in the ears. There are many reasons for the plug in the ears.

Between the main causes of the tamponade of the ears we can find the accumulation of mucus, especially in cases of respiratory infections, for example sinusitis, flus, colds, etc.

Another cause of the plug is the accumulation of water. Have ever happened to you that when you immerse yourself into the swimming pool or the sea, you get your ears plugged? Because it is a very common result, and it is due to the water has been accumulated suddenly in the ear. This also happens to professional swimmers, unless you use a cap in your ears.

Because of the discomfort that causes to have plugged ears, it is a great need to uncover and hear as usual, but you should know that the ear is a very sensitive organ, so you must be careful when you are going to unblock your ear and don’t cause any serious damage.

If you want to know how to stop this great annoyance and get uncover your ears using save and easy forms, here you have some tips.

Instructions for How to unplug ears

To start you should know that according to the type of plugging that youare experiencing you will have to choose a solution or another.

  1. Tamponade by water. For starters, the easiest way of ending the clogging of ears caused by water is lie on side, on the side of the ear plugged for 5 minutes. You will notice how the water plug will go out by itself little by little.
    Also you can do it same that in the case before but chewing gum, this way will be still more easy.
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  2. Tamponade by mucus. In the event that your ear plugging is due to an excess of mucus that has come to cover the ear canal, the first thing you should do is to eliminate the cause of the mucus, either following remedies or medications against colds, sinusitis or other disease. You can do some tricks to encourage the mucus comes out easily through the nose and also clearing the ear canal.Cómo destapar los oídos
  3. For example try with saline solution. Normally it comes in spray because it is more comfortable, but you can also find it in drops or even make it yourself in home. Only you must click or a few drops of the solution into each nostril andthen inspire. You will notice how it clears the nose and also the expulsion of mucus will be best, and cleaning at the same time the auditory channel
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    A very natural way to get that mucus out better and stop clog nose and ears is with steam. Yes, you only have to boil a pot of eucalyptus and when it is ready you have to put your face up, cover your head with a towel, and breathe for 15 to 20 minutes. You clears the nose in a moment, but be carefull, because you could burn yourself.
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    Also you can remove mucus from the ear using oxygenated water . Put your ear on a side, take a few drops of oxygenated water in the ear and wait around 5 minutes, then you only have to change position and get to the other side so oxygenated water and mucus go out little by little.
  4. Tamponade by wax. If your ear plug is due to excessive wax build up in the ear, then it is better you remove it as soon as possible, because it could cause an infection. I recommend you to try these tricks, they are very effective:Oxygenated water. In this case the oxygenated water is equal of effective as in the tamponade by mucus, you only need to follow the same steps described in the point before.
    Warm cloth. Wet a cloth with hot water and lie on side with ear plugged on the towel, steam will not only help you to uncover the ear, but it also it will relieve the pain. Also you can use a bag of hot water, a hot compress or even a bottle with hot water. This trick can also help you in the case of tamponade by mucus.

    Olive oil. As you did with the oxygenated water, you can apply some drops of warm oil in the ear, let it act around 15 minutes and then lie you on the side with the ear clogged to let exit the oil and the wax.

    Chamomile. Try to make an infusion of Chamomile, leaves that is is warm and then wet your finger or a bud and apply the chamomile in the ear massaging the area, so the wax gets soften and leave it to exit by itself.
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  5. Alcohol and vinegar. Mix a teaspoon of alcohol with a teaspoon of vinegar, turn your head a little and with an eyedropper picks up the mixture and a few drops in the ear, stay with the ear almost horizontally for a few minutes and then you can get a little cotton plugging the hole. After that continuous with your life normal, in some few hours remove the cotton and you will see that there will be come out wax, and also it will be softened, with a bud can help you to remove the wax that is find already in the outside. Remember not to get into the swab too deep or you will do some damage.
  6. Tamponade by pressure. Pressure tamponade occurs when we move from an atmospheric pressure to another too quickly, as for example when you travel by plane. To try to avoid a tamponade by pressure is recommended to chew gum or suck on a candy during the ascent and the descent.
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    If you have them already blocked you can force a great yawning, it is a very effective way to uncover the ears.
    Another method to uncover ears is catching air, keep it, cover your nose with your fingers and keep the mouth well closed while try to exhaleby the nose. It gives very good results, but be careful don’t do this very strong or you could damage the eardrum in the attempt.

What do you need for How to unplug ears?

For some home remedies for earache may need easy-to-find products and economic, as oxygenated water, olive oil, chewing gum, or hot packs

Tips for How to unplug ears

  • When you immerse yourself or if you swim frequently use plugs in your ears to avoid frequent clogging.
  • The studies show that the use of the buds produces more seals by wax that in other cases. Also remember that you must not enter it too deep in the ear or you will suffer damage.
  • Use a towel warm wet towels for cleaning the wax of your ears instead of using swabs.
  • Never hit your head or the ear to try to uncover it, in addition to be waste could cause you serious damage.
  • Do not enter or anything like sticks in the ear, you will also don’t uncover your ear and you could damage your ear.
    If after trying these tricks you have failed at all, and you have a few days suffering from plugging the best thing that you can do is to go to the doctor to receive specialized care and solve your problem of hearing as soon as possible.soon as possible.

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