How to unclog your nose


Nasal congestion is not only produced by a massive amount of mucus in the nose, in fact, nasal congestion happens due to the inflammation of the inside of the nose membrane. This inflammatio makes the passage of air difficult and it is hard to breathe as usual, experiencing what is commonly called stuffy nose.

The nasal congestion is not a disease,  but is a symptom of other diseases, as flus, colds or allergies, and normally it apperars related with great quantity of snot.

In addition, it is really annoying to have a stuffy nose, and it is important to relieve it as soon as possible and effectively, because if not, it can develope in other more serious diseases, such as bronchitis or sinusitis.

Instructions for How to unclog your nose

Follow these tips and you’ll discover how to unclog the nose quickly and economically:

  1. Saline solution. Both if you buy it in a pharmacy or if you mix it at home half cup of destilled water with a small tablespoon of salt, you can use saline solution as a cleaner. You can apply ir with a “nasal pear” or a spray. This solution is very effective, and you only have to inspire the solution slowly, clean the nasal channel, prevent itching, lower inflammation and provide moisture. You can repeat the application two or three times during the day.
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How to unclog your nose:


  1. Raise your head. If the stuffy nose becomes “your worst nightmare” the best thing is to sleep with several cushions, so you keep the head elevated. 
  2. Moisture. One of the effects of the stuffy nose is that it dries your nose a lot, so maintain a humid environment is the best thing to feel relief. You can use a humidifier at home. Another way is to boild water in a cauldron, and then put your face up, breathe and tape your head with a towel, so the steam go direct to your face and not disperse by the air. Hold on a few minutes, and be careful and don’t burn yourself!
    On the other hand, take your shower with warm water and maintain your door closed, so the steam will help to clear your nose. 
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  3. Take liquids. Stay well hydrated will help to reduce inflammation and dryness, as well as  you will relieve in general. Normally it is very effective against nasal congestion taking hot beverages or broths, try tea, soup, etc., as well as water of course.
  4. Warm cloth. Another good form to relieve the nasal congestion is keeping during some minutes a warm cloth or towel on your eyes and nose. You can wet it another time when you feel it is cold. In addition, you also lighten the eyes discomfort that is sometimes associated with plugging nose. Although this solution is effective but it takes a little bit, so be patience and relax yourself.
  5. Adhesive nasal strips. These strips are sold in pharmacy, are economical and help open the nostrils, allowing you to breathe better. A council, seeks not to use them too much, but for a couple of times they are good.
  6. Menthol creams and ointments. It is well known that applying menthol or scented creams of eucalyptus also open nostrils, so we can breathe better and unclog the nose.
  7. Spicy food. It is shown that eating spicy food makes nasal secretions to flow much better in such a way that in turn decrease inflammation in the nasal passage.
  8. Do physical exercise. Practise any exercise or sport that includes accelerating respiration and blood flow, and also influences increasing nasal secretions.
  9. Eat garlic. Yes, it may not be your favovourite food, but eat a natural garlic on the day will help you to unclog your nose effectively.
  10. Onion. If your problem is still sleeping good place an onion peeled and split into pieces on a plate. Place this under the bed at the height of the head or on the bedside table,you’ll see how you can sleep and breathe better, since it will open the nostrils, you’ll benefit from his great anti-inflammatory qualities.
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  11. Natural remedies. We all know the numerous applications of many natural products, as well, there are many natural remedies that can relieve you nose.
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    Herbal infusion. Prepare an infusion of herbs mixing eucalyptus, mint, bay leaf and sage. Let stand, add a dash of lemon and take it, better if it is hot.
    Another truly effective herbal tea that you get to unclog the nose is the tea made of ginger, Chamomile, Rosemary, and mint.
    Vinegar and honey. Add it to half glass of water two tablespoons of vinegar of Apple and two spoons of honey. Stir well the mix and leave it stand some minutes, then take you it. This remedy is really effective taking about two or three times a day.
    Steam from eucalyptus. Put to boil water, add some eucalyptus leaves and breathe the steam released from the cauldron.
    Cómo destapar la narizTomato or orange juice. They are two foods rich in vitamin C, so to take the juice you get decreased the inflammation that you have in the nostrils and breathe better.
    Ginger tea. Another great ally against the nasal congestion  is the ginger. A great way to take it is to make ginger tea, add a splash of lemon, a tablespoon of honey and take it well warm.
    Pepper. This remedy you might dislike but is really good to uncovering the nose. In an empty glass add a spoon of pepper and honey, then add boiling water to taste, mix well and let stand, when it has cooled a little bit, you can drink it.
    Lemon. Using it as application, spread you around the nose the following mixture: 2 tiny tablespoons of a squeezed lemon juice, a quarter teaspoon of pepper and a quarter of salt. Remember that only is applied to the skin,  don’t absorb it or inhale it, because it can be harmful.
    Oil of eucalyptus. You can use the oil in different ways: either you can give yourself a relaxing hot bath by adding a few drops of oil to the water and breathe the steam or you can also add a few drops on your pillow to unclog the nose at night.

What do you need for How to unclog your nose?

Learn a few tricks of breathing and you will also need some natural products to make home remedies, such as garlic, onion, eucalyptus, etc.

Tips for How to unclog your nose

  • Don’t blow your nose often. Although it is common to blow one’s nose, this really will dry more the area increasing the discomfort and the lack of breathing. Only blow your nose if you have snot, if not, it is better not force the nose, because that will increase the inflammation.
  • If the congestion doesn’t go away in a few days go to the doctor, so he will say you what exactly disease are you suffering ang how put a remedy.
  • Don’t forget to combine these solutions with medicines or remedies which act directly against the disease that you are suffering, and don’t let the disease go worse.
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