How to Take Sage


Sage is a natural plant spread over many parts of the world, although it is native to the Mediterranean area. This plant has many properties, most beneficial to health, its medicinal uses are so numerous too, but it is also used in aromatherapy, as a condiment in the kitchen, and even in the cosmetic preparation.

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Normally when one speaks of using medicinal plants the first thing that comes to mind is to prepare an infusion with the dried plant, take it and so will relieve any discomfort. While this is a very useful and extended form, there are also other ways to use sage.

Then you’ll see how to use salvia in different ways to make the most of this natural plant.

Instructions for How to Take Sage

  1. If what you want is to end with bacterial infections, or even a flu, and you also want even lose weight, then prepare an infusion and take two or three times a day. Always doing an infusion you should boil the water and then add a tablespoon of sage dry for each cup. Let stand and capping off the heat for 5 to 10 minutes. Then you can enjoy all the properties that will provide you this infusion.
  2. It is very simple to use sage as a poultice to heal an open wound or burn. There are two ways, the faster and natural way is using fresh leaves of sage on the affected area and keep them well holding and making a slight pressure. If you squash or scrunch a little the sheet before putting it much better as the juice that the leaf looses, helps in the healing process and also to provide moisture prevents foil from sticking fully to the skinand the heal is embedded in the skin.
    Another option for using the Sage as poultice is mixing dry sage with water, forming a paste. You spread this mixture on the affected area, you’ll soon see the results.
    Using these poultices of sage not only get wound or burn to heal, but it will also protect the area from possible infection.
  3. To treat diseases of the throat and mouth as pharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis and hoarseness or aphonia that you will feel it is best to gargle with a Sage infusion (prepare it as you explained above). In the event that suffer mouth ulcers then only make failure, you make rinses. Keep in mind that in these cases you must not swallow the liquid.

    Cómo tomar salvia

  4. In the case that you’re feeling muscle aches you can give yourself massages using essential oil of salvia. The best thing is that if you are going to massage yourself mix olive oil with a few drops of sage oil, and hot oil rubbing your hands before the massage. Another good option is to give a good hot bath and relax immersed in the bath for at least 10 minutes. You only have to add fifteen to twenty drops of essential salvia oil to the water.

    In addition, you end up so relaxed that it is also ideal to combat insomnia.
    Cómo tomar salvia

  5. Relaxing in general if you’ve had a stressful day and your body or feet hurts because of walking too much, then you can prepare a bath as in the previous step and instead of adding essential oil of salvia, you add to the water an infusion of salvia (at least 50 gr.). If only your feet hurt, add in to a container the large infusion that you’ve prepared, and cover the feet adding hot water.
  6. If you want to combat diuretics problems, sugar, fluid retention or even menstrual cramps and swelling among other ailments, you can take salvia in the form of tablets or infusion of salvia, but in these cases, pills may be more comfortable and also all properties take advantage without losing some along the way. They are normally available at health food stores. These pills are made from concentrate of crushed sage leaves and do not have side effects.
  7. To give shine to your hair after washing, massage your hair with a few drops of essential oil of salvia. If you have oily hair prevents you put oil on the scalp.
    Cómo tomar salvia
  8. In the kitchen the sage is an aromatic plant also used. Sage gives a special flavor and aroma that is unique. It is widely used in Italian cuisine and French. It’s perfect for marinating meats, but it also brings a unique touch to creams, pasta, butter and even to give a different touch to salads containing mostly tomatoes. Both fresh can be used as dry, but I must say that if used fresh, the taste and the smell will be more intense.
  9. There are inhalers which containing summary is sage, or even in mixtures as with Mint. These inhalers are perfect for open airway, it can be used in people with asthma, or those that have the airways swollen for other reasons. If you have the nose obstructed due to the cold also you can do natural inhalations. You just boil water, add sage and put the mixture boiling in a bowl or in the same pot but being careful, we put the face on the water, and cover your head with a towel. We just have to perform slow, deep breathing, you will notice how the airway is open.
  10. For your skin, sage is also used as a regenerating. You can buy a cream containing salvia, or you could even mix your normal moisturizer with a few drops of extract of salvia. Massage your skin with the cream in circles. The effects will be greater if you use it at night.
    Cómo tomar salvia
  11. If you want to use the properties of the sage to lose weight and get a little help to lose those pounds that make you crazy, you will have to take a based salvia infusion during the day. You can take it cold or hot, so if you prepare a lot of blow you can heat the beaker before you drink it. Preparing the infusion with a liter of water, boil it, and then add 7 leaves of Sage, bay leaf and a sprig of cinnamon 4. Leave the mixture boiling for 15 minutes with the pot well covered. Then let stand, and when it is warm or cold you can strain it. You can add a lemon juice to take it. Note that to get the most out it is better to take the infusion in fasting, and better warm or hot to stimulate the removal of fat. Also works great as an antioxidant.

What do you need for How to Take Sage?

  • Plant and take care Salvia
  • Salvia
  • Water

Tips for How to Take Sage

  • Remember to prepare the infusion properly, since this ensures that you can remove all the properties of the sage to cure yourself.
  • Use the most appropriate method according to the condition that you have to allow sage to act properly and heal quickly.
  • This plant is contraindicated for epileptic people, since it can cause epileptic seizuresor convulsions.
  • If you want to become pregnant or are already so better you don’t to take salvia. This plant has abortifacient properties.
  • If you’re in period of breastfeeding don’t consume salvia either, since the properties of this plant are not desirable for the development of the baby and you can transmit them through the milk.

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