How to remove the hiccups


The hiccup is the result of an inflammation in the diaphragm, causing a series of violent and unpredictable contractions. It is caused by many factors, the most common are accidentally swallowing air, eating spicy foods, nervousness, stomach and gastrointestinal diseases.

Remedies to remove the hiccups range from the most popular that we see on television like giving a scare, stop hands and drinking with a straw, but the inaccuracy and ineffectiveness of these home treatments, is the cause that we use other less dramatic methods to remove the hiccups, that are best options to choose.

If are seeing this article means that by some reason, want to know how remove the hiccups, and good, this is the site indicated, we will show you the forms more effective and safe to remove the hiccups in little time and in your House, not need spend too of money to achieve this, only you need follow this tips and methods to know how to remove the hiccups.

Now is the time you read and sconces these instructions to be more comfortable to you remove the hiccups you have and can continue with your life without the worry of waiting for hiccups disappear.

Apply any of these methods to remove the hiccups and if it does not work try another, because all are useful and effective.

Instructions for How to remove the hiccups

  1. Drink cold water slowly. The method of drinking cold water slowly to remove the hiccup is very efficient, since this cold reduce your esophagus inflammation, this relax all organs that are in your diaphragm causing this irritation which in turn causes hiccup generated by the contact. It is not essential to drink large amounts of water, but with a full glass of cold water may be enough, take it little by little, not too small, but if enough so to not fill your cheeks of water and look like a frog croaking.How to remove the hiccups
  2. Hold your breath. Holding your breath for a few seconds will prevent hiccups continue, for there will be no air escaping. This can be tedious if your hiccups this something strong, but will be effective if you hold your breath while you still feel the contractions that cause you hiccups. You can fill your cheeks with air while you hold your breath, or keep them empty, but not swallow air, just allow yourself a moment without a full breath until the hiccups stop completely and can breathe normally.
  3. Drink cold water while holding your breath. This method combines the previous two and is very effective. After drinking the water hold your breath for about 10 seconds or until you feel that hiccups is stopped completely. It is not necessary that the water is ice cold and if you are hypersensitive to cold can only drink water at room temperature, but cold water could help to remove the hiccups faster.
  4. Drink cold milk, milk is very low fat and they lubricate our esophagus when we eat irritant food, thus controlling the heat that we feel for this kind of food. If what caused you the hiccup was eat foods with spices irritants such as hot spicy, cinnamon, pepper, cumin, onion, drink a little cold milk slowly can help to control the irritation in the lining of your esophagus and prevent the presence of hiccup or that this continue.How to remove the hiccups
  5. Breathe deeply several times in succession by mouth until the hiccups go away. Your diaphragm is in contact with various bodies, if you extend your arms these organs will be less compressed. Have you seen that opera singers extend and raise their arms to make a C sharp? This is because having your arms extended his rib cage opens and expand their lungs more thing that makes them sing with more power. This is the same thing you must do to remove the hiccups, extend your arms like opera singer and breathe deeply through your mouth, then pulls out the air and repeat, do not swallow the air, but if I let it get in and out.
  6. Get down and drink water slowly. If you did not serve the above methods, perhaps something more classic can work to remove the hiccups. Stand on both feet and bend half your body, from the waist up and down. As if let fall the half of your body, but not both, only a little, now ask to someone a glass of water warm or cold that you should drink of little in little, since you feeling that the hiccups is stopped. If you cannot ask someone for help, you can do just you, the only change is to have a glass of water handy and drink with care not to spill water on your face.
  7. Drink tea with ice. Tea always detoxifies and also tastes delicious! Takes a bit of warm water, it is not necessary to boil and add a few leaves of mint, peppermint or eucalyptus, then leave this to rest a little and drink little in little. This type of herbs relax the muscles and reduce inflammation significantly. As your diaphragm is irritated and inflamed, drink tea can relax avoiding unpleasant hiccups progress. Don’t despair, this method may not be as fast as you wanted, but it will serve, but if you want to run faster, can take some chilled tea a little or put ice cubes to your tea to cool faster and you can take it.How to remove the hiccups

What do you need for How to remove the hiccups?

  • Hold the breath
  • Water warm, water cold, cubes of ice
  • Whole milk
  • Leaves of eucalyptus, peppermint, peppermint

Tips for How to remove the hiccups

If you notice hiccups continues and continues and you can stop it, this could be a serious problem, in which case it is important to go even doctor to analyze your hiccups and see if this is serious or if it can be solved at home.

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