How to prevent AIDS


Defined Immunodeficiency Syndrome, or as mostly known, AIDS, is the name of the disease caused by the virus of human immunodeficiency, or HIV, and provided the infection is in the final stage.

It must be taken account, that a person can have HIV but not suffering from AIDS, this is because you can be in the previous period window phase, asymptomatic stage and early symptomatic stage and a half. On the other hand, when you reach late-stage, the person is seriously ill, have many symptoms and also has a seriously damaged immune system, and developing an infection would not be a big problem for the vast majority of us could be fatal for these people, as for example, a yeast infection. It is at this late stage when the illness goes to call AIDS. However, it is has widespread colloquially that having HIV is it same that call it AIDS in any case, and also there are certain medical criteria in which also can call it AIDS before getting to this stage.

The HIV virus is transmitted through different ways although the best known and also the leading cause of the spread of infected is the sexually transmition. It should be noted that normally we fear that a carrier of HIV can transmit the virus at any time, but this is not true, they have to be some specific situations to make this happen.

Until today there are million of people dead because of the AIDS, and despite the campaigns of prevention and of information, this disease is still extending, although Africa continues being the area with greater amount of infected.

It’s a serious and fatal disease and is necessary to avoid at all costs, so being informed and knowing how to prevent AIDS is essential.

Instructions for How to prevent AIDS

Now we are going to show you prevention methods to avoid being infected by AIDS:

  1. It is possible that you seem a madness, or that your needs of sex are very high but the only way to be 100% safe from AIDS contagious by sexual contact is through the abstinence.
    How to prevent AIDS
  2. If you decide to have sexual relations use always condom, apart from being a contraceptive method, it is the unique that avoids the contagion of the HIV as well as of others diseases of sexual transmission, as the syphilis or the gonorrhea, and even so, it is not 100% safe. You have to use condoms correctly, and make sure you do not have any broken. You must also use it whenever there is any kind of penetration, both vaginal,anal, or oral.
    How to prevent AIDS
  3. Having a lot of sexual relations with different people have more risk of contracting HIV, while having exclusive sexual partners that do not possess the virus you will avoid many problems.
  4. Safe sex. If you want to have relations, but you do not know much the person, you can also opt for safe sex, fondling and masturbation, and always avoids the penetration.
    How to prevent AIDS
  5. Sterilized material. Whether it is to consume drugs or medication, such as insulin shots, never share syringes or surgical or medical material. In addition, you should not share shaving, or material nails and machines and if you want to make yourself a tattoo, go to a professional Centre that obey standards of health and has well sterilized equipment and make sure that the needle to be used cames well packaged.
    How to prevent AIDS
  6. Before you get pregnant it is best if you do yourselg the HIV test. However in some countries it is routinely once the pregnancy is known. Knowing that the mother is a carrier of the virus is essential to handle the situation, since during the birth mother can transmit the disease to the baby, and there are ways to avoid it.
    How to prevent AIDS

What do you need for How to prevent AIDS?

  • Stay well informed
  • Use always a condom
  • Abstinence
  • Do not share certain objects

Tips for How to prevent AIDS

  • If you think that you have been exposed to the virus and there was risk of contagion, the best thing is to go to your doctor as soon as possible and he will expose you the method to follow and tests to perform.
  • Prevention is the only safe method to prevent the spread of HIV. It is essential to be well informed in this regard.
  • During daily life, it is very difficult that a moment of risk of infection happens, so the infected person and people who are around can do normal life. However you must always know how to act in some cases, for example in the case of opening wounds, no matter how very small it is, being in contact with wounds or blood of the infected could be a case of contagion risk.
  • The best thing is to be informed about the HIV, and know what situations cause risk and what not, because many times it is acted and it is thinked erroneously because of not knowing about the topic.

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