How to improve memory


Do you have problems remembering things?, it fails the memory?, do you want to improve memory? If you notice that every day you remember less and you is difficult to remember things and cannot improve memory, many times it may be because you do not exercise your brain or you take as banal many issues of great importance.

Sometimes we are afraid to lose memory and begin to think that we are perhaps suffering from some evil. Before of diagnose yourself with Alzheimer’s or amnesia and think that you cannot improve your memory, perhaps it may be for your lack of concentration or other reasons.

Improve the memory of someone forgetful is not impossible, if you suffer from having “a slight memory” that you don’t remember things well, look at how to improve memory.


Instructions for How to improve memory

  1. Learn a new language. Learn languages helps to stimulate and improve the memory, because to the learn and to practice a language, are forms to stimulate the hypothalamus and helping to retain the information that we get to the learn a new language.
  2. Study mathematics. Mathematics stimulates the mind to force her to solve problems and at the same time, this helps us to retain information to solve mathematical operations we are doing. Study math help to improve memory because it puts the brain in function work remembering, processing and resolving information to solve the problem.How to improve memory
  3. Learn songs. If you learn songs or write songs stimulate your mind by having to remember them. It is recommended that you sing songs to remember them, at the moment in which you sing them, this stimulate your memory. You will can learn and remember them without having to listen to them.
  4. Play chess, cards and memory games. This kind of games actually stimulates to improve the memory of a person, so it is a great way to improve the memory of someone. Also when playing this type of game you are stimulating your brain to succeed in your play, which will come in very well to stimulate the mind and your boldness.How to improve memory
  5. Sleep peacefully and the hours that you needed. Sleep 8 hours a day is recommended for an adult with working life. Many times our brain feels tired and overwhelmed by lack of sleep, if you sleep well is likely to improve your memory. It is important that you respect appropriate time hours you sleep. Not stay awake throughout the night and sleep during the afternoon. Get it possible by sleep well at the time that you needed in the night. The lack of sleep can cause memory loss, and the performance work of a person can fail, not let this affect to you.How to improve memory
  6. Exercise every day. The exercise is very healthy and all the people should do it. There are many forms of exercise the body, run, dance, jump the rope, walk in bike, climb and down the stairs, do pilates, etc. It is important that your whole body blood circulate well to improve memory, and the exercise will help maintain a good heartbeat and irrigate blood throughout your body. Of this way, at the same time that exercise your body and burning calories and care your figure, you’ll be helping to improve the memory.How to improve memory
  7. Review what you have studied, done and written. If it’s going well in any material takes a book related to that and read it, solves it again. As you were accustomed to this type of action, it is likely that your mind starts to improve you memory to recall the procedure that you followed to study. In the same way it happens with the things that you did as watch movies, read books or write. He is remembering these things step by step, if possible, after this exercise, look what you try to remember, e.g. returns to see the film and check if it is that you got it.
  8. Try to remember the things you did yesterday. Try to remember what did you, where you walked to where you were, what you eating in the breakfast, with what were you, what clothed, what things you have passed away during the day, at what time you went to sleep, etc. All of this will stimulate your mind and make you remember what happens day by day, you can improve the memory every day.
  9. Speaks with people, try to have a good life social where can communicate you frequently, this also you will help to improve the memory. You can write to your friends via email or any social network. Speak with people, also stimulates the mind.
  10. Use reminders to improve memory, when you go to do something and you want to remember it, do something that will help you to remember it, for example, put a violet paper which remember you that you must wash clothes, or a pink ribbon that you remember feed the dog. The reminders are quite effective, because this remind us that we must fulfill activities.
  11. Write a diary. Write a diary will help you much, writing the things these memories be retained for longer in your memory and you’ll have to remind them of little a little when you enter in your memories, and then when you read them then of having them written, time to read them will remember how with greater clarity was what happened to you that day. Writing a journal is a great way to improve memory.

What do you need for How to improve memory?

  • Exercise your memory
  • Be constant

Tips for How to improve memory

  • Tries to remember events of your childhood, for example what you were doing when playing or after watching a movie.
  • It’s talking with acquaintances about something that happened in the past of you, this will serve to remind both was what happened, both help remind one another and you logréis remember what happened, this will improve the memory of both.
  • Travelling somewhere where you’ve lived for awhile or you’ve gone ride, this will help you to stimulate your mind, recalling the events that passed there.

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