How to cure a throat infection with home remedies


Throat infections are most common of what we would like to. It is normal that with the falling temperatures, especially in the seasons of autumn and winter, colds and the flu flourish. However, due to the increasingly common use of air conditioner, does not surprise to catch a cold during the summer.

The symptoms are headaches, mucus and a severe throat pain. All these symptoms indicate us that we suffer an infection which can be either viral or bacterial.

The viral tend to be the most common and they are the ones that cause influenza or the common cold. They are not dangerous and their symptoms resolve in approximately a week. The bacterial, instead, besides to be annoying can become in a problem. They are those caused by bacteria such as streptococci. While a common cold does not need to be a reason to visit a doctor, if you have a bacterial infection you have to ask for the advice of an expert as soon as possible to prevent the spread to go any further.

Which are the symptoms of a throat infection

The symptoms are very clear and easy to observe. Usually the first thing that we noticed is a kind of dryness and pain in the throat that prevents us from swallowing properly. As they pass the hours, discomfort will worsen and it’s hard to swallow. Even the drinks can become a real torture, and more if they are cold or they come accompanied with ice.

 throat infection

If we look more closely at our throat, we could observe a redness in this area that can reach forward to the palate. This symptom is unequivocally an infection and can be accompanied by some inflammation.

From time to time infection progresses too much and it may come to produce some pus. In these cases is important go to our doctor to clean us and to prescribe us something that control the infection. By luck, there are some home remedies to combat the infection in a natural way. If you want to know some of these treatments, read the next post.

Instructions for How to cure a throat infection with home remedies

Drink hot liquids

  1. Although inflammations usually get off with application of cold, the truth is that a good hot drink will relieve you pain. I am a lover of infusions, and when I feel bad what I relieve the most is a rooibos with chocolate or hot chocolate milk with a splash of honey. Also you can choose to drink a Chamomile, add to it a bit of juice of lemon and a dash of honey. You will notice that the swelling goes down and the pain decreases.drink hot liquids
  2. The broths are also a good choice. It is usual that with the pain of throat our desire to eat run out of us and a good broth can be the perfect solution for feed you and relieve the symptoms. If, in addition, you have some of congestion, as more liquids you take as easer will be that it disappear in a natural way.drink hot liquids

Prepare homemade candies with honey and lemon

  1. You can dare to do a candy and add to it some honey. You only need a pan, sugar, water, a dash of lemon and honey.
  2. Split in a half a lemon. Heat a frying pan to medium fire and prepares an identical proportion of water and sugar. For example, per 100 g of sugar, 100 ml of water.
  3. When the bottom of the pan has warmed a bit, add the water and then the sugar. Don’t stop of stir so both ingredients mixe. It is normal that while making this appear some bubbles.
  4. Then, add the juice of one half of lemon that previously we have split. Do it directly on the pan and continue stirring. Then, add to the mix a teaspoon of honey and we already have our homemade candy.
  5. If you want to learn more about this recipe, don’t hesitate on read our post about how to make homemade candy.Prepare homemade candies with honey and lemon

Prepare juices with a high content in vitamin C

  1. The homemade juices are a inexhaustible source of healing properties, besides a way healthy and simple of do facing to the infections. A natural treatment which you can put an end to sore throat.
  2. For this purpose, you can create your own juices using foods that are higher containers of vitamin C. Strawberries, raspberries, oranges, kiwis, lemons or grapefruits are some of the fruits that mostly contain it.
  3. If you prefer to use vegetables and legumes: red pepper, spinach, parsley, carrot and lettuce can also be your solution.
  4. You only need to blend the ingredients that you like and make your own homemade juices to be able to take advantage of multiple properties. If you want to know some recipes, we recommend you the following post of our blog.prepare juice

Eat garlic

  1. The garlic is a natural antibiotic very used ever since and an unbeatable home remedy. The garlic has many healing properties. It is said that eating a clove of garlic every morning with a drizzle of oil in the fasted state, prevents possible diseases and prolong life.
  2. Between its properties highlights its ability to solve the infections of throat. If you like, you can crush it, cut a tooth of garlic in thin sheets and crush them in the mortar.
  3. Next, in a measuring cup add 300 ml of water and the crushed garlic. Link the components with a hand mixer at medium speed. If you want that flavor maybe less intense, try to add a drizzle of honey. The healing properties of this potion increases and its flavor is less aggressive. All are advantages!
  4. To make it works you must drink it in fasting, before lunch and before dinner. After 3 days from the beginning of the treatment, you will notice a slight garlic

Do gargle with vinegar of apple

  1. The apple vinegar is a natural antiseptic that helps to lower infections. You can dissolve a generous squirt in a glass of water and do gargle with it 3 times to the day.
  2. If like, increases during that week the intake of products to which you can add vinegar, as for example, dinner a good salad all that nights or get vinaigrettes that contain it for your eggs and potato chips.

Add natural thyme to your dishes and teas

  1. Thyme, like Apple Cider vinegar, is a powerful antiseptic ideal for treat throat infections. You can increase your intake of it during the periods in which you note that your throat hurts, for trying to remedy this problem.
  2. For example, you can add it to a tomato sauce, roast chicken or your daily infusions.Add natural thyme

Tips for How to cure a throat infection with home remedies

Last-minute tips

  • Visit your doctor if the infection does not subside. Keep in mind that home remedies will help you to relieve pain, but a doctor is the only one that can help you to find out if it is a normal cold or a bacterial infection. In addition, he prescribes you drugs or antibiotics that will lower the swelling and control the infection from spreading through your body or make it last longer.
  • Never you do self-medication, is a huge mistake that can have negative consequences in the long run in your body. The remedies that wehave explained to you will help you to alleviate the pain but may not make miracles against infections and not even relieve those from bacterial origin.


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