How to cure the hiccups


Imagine you in a presentation of just before give your speech when suddenly start to have hiccups and is cut your words, you can’t still talking and you can’t cure the hiccups. Hilarious? The hiccups can be caused by many factors already be by something that ate or by any disease that you suffer, sometimes is only by swallowing air. The problem is when we can’t remove the hiccup and you begin to despair or don’t know what caused it and we think that this will never disappear.

He hiccups in itself, is generated when the diaphragm is contracting aggressively and continuous, usually compressing them lungs, so these expel air and when we are breathing, enters air causing that this continue by more time.

It hiccups can be signal of many diseases stomach, liver and of other origins. In the little children is frequent that have hiccups when swallowed air in bad positions. Also eat spicy food can irritate the esophagus and this cause that the diaphragm suffer contractions.

When have hiccups is annoying, as not can speak and sometimes until is painful suffer it when we have much time with it and you don’t can cure the hiccups, even can despair us with the idea of have hiccups and more still when this persists, by which the wish of remove the hiccups is still more strong, and this cause us frustration.

There are many remedies to clear the hipccus we will talk you today about those remedies so you can relieve your hiccups.

Instructions for How to cure the hiccups

  1. Drinking water cold. The hiccup is mainly caused by an inflammation in the diaphragm, since this is contract and this cause altering, so drinking cold water will help shrink it and stop the muscles activity that causing the hiccups. Put water in your glass and put this to the refrigerator for a minute in the fridge or adding a few ice cubes to make cold water. With care not to swallow air, drink water little by little until you finish the glass of water. Then wait for 5 seconds without breathing for relax the diaphragm. This is a very effective way to remove the hiccups.How to cure the hiccups
  2. He breathes deeply. Another way to remove the hiccup is slowly breathe deeply and exhale in the same way; this can be tricky if you have moments of hiccup while you breathe, but try to do it several times until you get it and the hiccups is stop. Opens your mouth and inhale air slowly, then exhale it slowly as if you tried to relax like a yoga session. This method does not apply for more than 1 minute, or you might feel dizzy.
  3. Hold your breath for 10 seconds. Hold the breath for 10 seconds help to relax the muscles of the diaphragm and therefore this may alleviate your hiccups easily. To do this just cover your nose with your fingers of your hands and pull out all of the air as you can through your mouth, then you hold your breath for 10 seconds or until you feel that the hiccup is gone, it is not necessary that you hold your breath for more than 10 seconds, if you think that you need air or you start to feel dizzy, is better no prolonged the lack of breathing. You must do this just after have last by a breath of hiccups before start the following, although if you feel that come others puffs of hiccups, is best that follow holding it breathing until already not feel that come more, then only takes air quietly until your breathing is normalize and can breathe normally.How to cure the hiccups
  4. Extend your arms to the side and hold your breath for 3 seconds. As the method of hold the breath by 10 seconds, extending your arms and holding the breathing, will make that relax your diaphragm and the organs that it’s compressing, also this helping to extend more your lungs to relax for get a good breathe.
  5. Drink water warm and bend your body. To remove the hiccups with this remedy, what you do is to drink a glass of warm water and drink it slowly while half of your body is bent toward the ground, this could do that the water wet your head, but is best avoid accidents. Can leave a great swallow of water inside your mouth and drink it of slowly while tilt part of your body, this to avoid problems while you swallow water.
  6. Drink warm milk. If what’s wrong is that you have hiccups by eating spicy and this caused an irritation, then something with a slight level of fat such as milk might help you to soothe your hiccups, in the case of your stomach and esophagus are irritated, the milk would soothe the irritation, you can also drink some cold yogurt slowly and without swallowing air already that the air could make it difficult to eliminate hiccups.How to cure the hiccups
  7. Eucalyptus tea or mint to remove hiccup. Consuming these teas is very effective to soothe the airways and reduce swelling of the body organs, whereby will come you very well to your body to relieve hiccups and calm the contractions of your diaphragm that is irritated.How to cure the hiccups
  8. Singing also helps to relax the diaphragm, if you sing softly and without forcing your voice can relax your muscles of little by little until the hiccup is gone.

What do you need for How to cure the hiccups?

  • Warm water
  • Milk or yogurt
  • Inhale and exhale
  • Hold the breath

Tips for How to cure the hiccups

If hiccups is too strong or persists and is not removed with any of these remedies, it may be something more serious so it is not advisable to let this continue, instead it is better to receive medical care, since many diseases serious as cirrhosis or hepatitis may have hiccups as part of its most common symptoms.

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