How to differentiate a psychologist and a psychiatrist


Mental health practitioners include psychologists and psychiatrists. These two branches can be confused easily because many times their problems dealing and practices are similar. However there are several differences between a psychologist and a psychiatrist that may be useful in distinguishing them, no matter if it is due to curiosity, culture or because you need to go to one of these specialists and do not know where to go.

The first thing you should know is that psychology analyzes the behavior, emotions and the way that people think. Now we’ll teach you how to differentiate a psychologist a psychiatrist easily.

Instructions for How to differentiate a psychologist and a psychiatrist

  1. Training. The main difference is that these two professionals have been trained in a different way. The psychologist has studied psychology, a degree roughly between 4 and 5 years, although then he can have studied some kind of specialty as the clinic, that can assist people with psychological problems and do not have to take medication.
    On the other hand the psychiatrist has studied medicine and then it has specialized in psychiatry.
    The psychologist has more social and cultural knowledge, instead the psychiatrist has greater expertise in neurology and the human body, focusing on the physiology and chemistry to diagnose and treat diseases. However, one could also provide psychotherapy as well as focusing on pharmacology.
    How to differentiate a psychologist a psychiatrist
  2. Approach. Taking into account its formation is logical that the psychological approach is the treatment of the patient in the study of the problem of the patient, their social relations, the situation in which is socially speaking, etc. On the other hand, the psychiatrist will focus on the physiological study of the patient, trying to figure out what aspect of the body is wrong to treat it. It could be for example focusing on the hormones, the nervous system, Neurology, etc.How to differentiate a psychologist a psychiatrist
  3. Treatments. Also for the treatments they differ, especially if we focus on the fact that psychiatrists are legally competent to prescribe prescription of drugs, and psychologists do not. It could be said that the psychiatrists treat very serious mental problems and their methods can differ but normally they are very invasive, already it is uses from the beginning the drug prescription for the treatment of the disease or disorder. This not removes that the psycologists can’t treat serious diseases, they can do it, although it is not as usual. The treatments used by psychologists, their methods and recovery are based on the study and implementation of routine techniques, skills, customs, etc.
    How to differentiate a psychologist a psychiatrist
  4. Example. A frequent case is the treatment of depression. A simple depression can be treated and cured by a psychologist, but in cases in which the depressive person has thoughts to break with his life, as for example thinking about suicide, then it is common to combine psychotherapy with the administration of antidepressant medication prescribed by a psychiatrist.
    How to differentiate a psychologist a psychiatrist

What do you need for How to differentiate a psychologist and a psychiatrist?

Information about the topic.

Tips for How to differentiate a psychologist and a psychiatrist

  • It could be established a joint treatment, i.e. a psychiatrist providing medical treatment and a psychologist using the psychotherapy.
  • But although you do not have a mental disease recognized a psychologist can help you with your emotional problems and confusion.
  • It is advisable to start with psychological treatment and then go to psychiatrist if you need this or if it is a medical specialist who recommend the step of going to a psychiatrist, as treatment with medication is really invasive, harmful and it is not recommended the use and abuse of these drugs. In addition, tend to be so strong, normally it may be not removed of hit and will be the psychiatrist who should indicate the form to start the suspension of the treatment.

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