How to difference red blood cells from white blood cells



The blood, from latin sanguis, is a body fluid that circulates by the body human. To say it in an unscientific way, it is people gasoline, which allows us to move and be active every day.

Blood is composed of different blood components which are divided into two phases, the solid phase composed of red blood cells, also known as erythrocytes, which are responsible for giving the red color to blood, white blood cells or leukocytes, and finally the platelets. The liquid phase of the blood is composed of blood plasma.

Blood is essential for human life. It protects us of infections and distributes the nutrients necessary to live through all the body. To be able to do all these functions, blood contains cells that are produced in the bone marrow.

Another feature of blood is that it is renewable, the bone marrow is responsible for produce blood cells throughout your lives.

Facts about red blood cells

The red blood cells are practically the 96% of the elements figurative of the blood, which, in turn, are the 45% of its composition.

Women usually have an average of 4,800,000 red blood cells and men around 5.400.000 by mm3 of blood.

red blood cells

Facts about white blood cells

White blood cells are needed to protect us from infections and they are also known as leukocytes. They use blood as a way to move throughout all the body.

It is normal that human beings have a leukocytes count within a range of 4,500 to 11,500 cells per mm3, these characteristics vary depending on diseases that can be suffer, such as cancer, or physiological conditions: stress, pregnancy, age…

How to difference red blood cells from white blood cells

If you want to know the differences between red blood cells and white blood cells, you only need to read the next post.

What do you need for How to difference red blood cells from white blood cells?

To differenciate red blood cells from white blood cells we are going to need

  • Read the following post
  • If you want to see it by yourself, a laboratory and a microscope
  • You can teach more to your children with lifelong series as Once upon a time Life

Instructions for How to difference red blood cells from white blood cells

Instructions for differentiation of red blood cells from white blood cells

  1. You can distinguish them at a glance by its color. The erythrocytes are the red cells of the blood while the white are virtually transparent.
  2. They are more numerous the red blood cells than the white blood cells within the blood, hence the color red of this.
  3. Although both use the bloodstream to move throughout the body, each plays a very different role. Red blood cells are responsible for transferring oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body and to carry carbon dioxide to the lungs. These red cells use a protein known as hemoglobin to transport these gases. This protein is almost 95% of red blood cells, and they are responsible for giving them this unique color.
  4. White blood cells, on the other hand, are responsible for ending the infectious diseases of the blood. They fight harmful bacteria, viruses or fungi. After that they remove them from the blood and the bloodstream. In addition, they are responsible for removing the dying red blood cells which can be in the blood.

Tips for How to difference red blood cells from white blood cells

One last tip to distinguish red blood cells from white blood cells 

Without a doubt one of the best series of all time animation was Once upon a time Life. Which managed that many children understand better the functioning of the human body. Do you remember from those red blood cells which were as some kind of dolls with backpack? and that they moved bubbles of oxigen througt the bloodstream? And the police officers who killed the “bad” (infections) dressed in white to represent the white blood cells?

If you have children and they have problems with the study the human body, do not hesitate to get them inside this knowledge through this television series.

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