How to difference the mitosis of the meiosis


Have ever heard to talk of the mitosis? And of the meiosis or meiosis? Can you distinguish betwen this two concepts?

You’ve probably heard these terms in your school’s days, when you were a kid and studying natural sciences in class. It is also possible that at this time you are at that point in your life, and need to know the difference between mitosis and meiosis for some kind of class work. Well do don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. From doncomos we will teach you to differentiate both terms so you never again doubt among them.

Cells reproduce with a process of division. These processes of division can be of 3 types and represent 10% of the cell cycle. They are essential for cells to reproduce over and over again. These types of divisions are known as mitosis, meiosis and binary fission. With them the stem cells divide and give rise to the birth of two or more daughter cells.

Mitosis and meiosis are developed in eukaryotic cells, those that the multicellular organisms have, while the fission binary only appear in prokaryotes cells, which are only present in the unicellular organisms.

Mitosis and meiosis are essential actions for the reproduction of cells and DNA replication.

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How to difference the mitosis of the meiosis


What do you need for How to difference the mitosis of the meiosis?

To differentiate mitosis from meiosis we are going to need

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Instructions for How to difference the mitosis of the meiosis

Instructions for differentiation mitosis from meiosis

  1. Mitosis consists in the action by which an eukaryotic cell, in this case the mother cell, split the chromosomes in its core giving place to two perfect copies and completely identical. These two copies will be known from now on as daughter cells. The mother cell has ceased to exist to create these two identical copies and which also contain the same number of chromosomes that the mother cell. It is, moreover, a form of asexual reproduction since the two consequential cells are completely identical.
  2. Meiosis, on the other hand, is a sexual reproduction since it generates two types of differentiated cells. In this case, the resulting cells of this cellular division are gametes and spores.
  3. Another of the differences between both, is that while mitosis creates two new daughter cells fully identical to the mother cell and with the same number of chromosomes, meiosis creates 4 daughter cells with half of chromosomes than the original cell.
  4. Mitosis does not leave space to the mix of chromosomes because always duplicate them, while meiosis does allow different mixes. You should think that to reproduce it needs 2 copies of the chromosomes of the mother and the father which are combined together creating a unique mix of maternal and paternal DNA.
  5. Mitosis takes place in organism with eukaryotic cells, but meiosis can only be done in organisms with sexual reproduction, therefore it requires both parents to be able to be carry out.
  6. We can see a difference in the cells involved during the process. While mitosis happens in somatic cells, meiosis does it in mother cells of the gametes.
  7. The duration of mitosis is relatively shorter than the long duration of meiosis.
  8. The purpose of mitosis is the renewal of tissues and cells, it is the way that the organism has to maintain the individual in good condition and alive. Meiosis, for its part, serves to give continuity to the species and create a genetic evolution.How to difference the mitosis of the meiosis

Tips for How to difference the mitosis of the meiosis

One last tip

If you want to know more details and differences about mitosis and meiosis, you can check the links from Wikipedia, where explain in great detail both processes and their objectives. If you want to know more about mitosis, click on the following link. If your interest is about meiosis, click this link.

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